With more than 72 000 employees in 500 offices across 120 countries, Aon is a global provider of HR, Financial, IT, and Risk Management services. And they chose us to work with them.


Back in February 2016, we received an inquiry from Krakow’s Aon Employer Branding Team. The task seemed simple – we had to build a mini web app based on WordPress. The idea behind it was for potential internship and job candidates to flag their interest in career at Aon in a quick and intuitive way.

As a reliable technology partner, we used all of the tools at our disposal to make this happen. Krakow team is now able to generate new forms on demand, group their candidates, filter, sort, edit and export all the data that’s been uploaded into the app.

The iPad-optimized app is now widely used at many different job fairs. The app makes collecting candidate data from events across the country both easy to do and exceedingly efficient.

Preview of the jumpintoaon.pl on the iPad
Preview of the jumpintoaon.pl on the iPad


Getting Leadsby building an online image

We seriously enjoy working with Aon, and – apparently – the feeling is mutual.

Our next venture was to redesign the Aon Krakow career website. We set out to make it more friendly and more candidate-oriented, while presenting the benefits of working at the company.

We believe that nowadays digital presence is the thing that differentiates you from the rest. Building your brand’s awareness through a usable and beautifully designed web page allows you to become remembered by everyone.

And it’s got to work as smoothly on desktops as it does on mobile.

The project required setting up a landing page, a blog, and many other content resources. At first, we launched a website for the sole purpose of recruitment. During the second phase of the project, we complemented that with a variety of content to generate more interest within the target audience.

New Website's design

Weekly recruitmentnews

We all know how much time creating content for newsletters can consume, don’t we? That’s why we came up with a web app that supported this most precious resource. Our main idea was to reduce the time needed to crafting the content and to keep the process of delivering it as consistent as possible.

Our primary challenge with this task was to ensure fully optimized code. After all, you never know what kind of preview an ancient PDA or a Outlook 2005 email will generate.

Guess what – after many sleepless nights, we managed to do that as well.

Newsletter and management platform

safe gallerieswe know what matters to you

We created some internal projects for Aon’s employees as well. One of them was a photo gallery to which anyone could upload pictures taken during company events.

We know how much you value your privacy, especially if you’re a corporation that’s recognized worldwide. Safety was crucial here, so we made access limited.

New Gallery's design

otherprojectssee what else we’ve done