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What convinced a financial company to work with us? The transparency of our actions, stress-free cooperation and creative, secure solutions.


Medius Law Firm is a company listed on the NewConnect stock exchange and the Catalyst market. It specializes in legal and financial services for SME sector companies, including debt management. Medius provides creative, friendly and secure solutions for a variety of entrepreneurs.

In 2013 we developed an online identity for them according to the Golden Website rules. Considering the important role of investor relations and process automation, we developed an information architecture, a visual identity and automatic downloads of stock quotes of the company. We even prepared a catalogue for investors containing our very own custom-made illustrations. To top it all off, we also delivered several infographics and data visualizations.

Old Medius website preview on iMac's screen
Medius's Investors Catalogue


golden redesignTHIS IS HOW WE DID IT

Ongoing cooperation with financial institutions and tracking trends in the fields of security and data visualization ultimately resulted in the creation of a new online presence for Kancelaria Medius in 2015. We took care of the information architecture, website redesign, front-end coding and back-end programming in accordance with Golden Website principles. Retaining the original branding of the site, we enhanced the content that addressed investor relations. We ensured the speed of the service and provided attractive, easy-to-use visualizations of detailed financial information.

New Medius Website presentation on Macbook, iMac and iPad

usability REIMAGINEDbrand new ux

Usability audits are the foundation of everything we do. Recognizing key areas for content and making them more accessible resulted in longer on-site visitor browsing times. When we divided their content into two sections (Medius’ offer and Investor Relations), we used a card sorting method. The entire interface is setup as a flat, intuitive, and always visible navigation panel, which allows users to switch between sections easily. Oh, and one more thing – all of this was verified using lo-fi wireframes.

Medius UX mockups

new designminimalistic & modern

Simple, clean, retina-ready, responsive, and user-oriented. The website is rich with subtle detail. The interactivity serves every target audience with all the functionalities that they need. And of course – it doesn’t matter what browser they choose. It just works.

Medius website on iMac's screen
Medius website on MacBook's screen
Animation of Medius website's interactions on iPad and iPhone
Medius website's screens


The UI overhaul and a new visual layer resulted in improved communication with investors along with the clear presentation of information. Usability went through the roof – and we’re not the only ones who think so. This project was noticed by the Polish Association of Listed Companies in the Golden Website competition. Kancelaria Medius’s online outlet ended up being placed in the TOP 3 in its category, leaving 847 competitors in the dust.

Medius website with an award ribbon

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