The secret ingredient

Do you know why everyone talks about passion?

It’s because passion allows you to work constantly. When you do something you love, and others find it useful, you grow. It’s passion, together with purpose, that allows you to write several lines of code more than the rest. To polish your design in the middle of the night. To look for alternative ideas when it seems impossible to find them.

What we do at In’saneLab is not a job. It’s the job.

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our team

We know how much our people can handle, when they’re able to provide their best work, and which one will be most helpful with specific challenges related to web and mobile app development.

That’s why In’saneLab works. Having an in-depth knowledge of the skills and preferences of gals and guys in our team allows us to assign tasks properly.

Partner, Snowboarding freak

Mateusz Cisowski

Partner, Train lover

Michael Khavinson

Partner, History reconstructor

Ryan Ott

Partner, Salsa dancer

Sławomir Grycz
Michael Kansky

Partner, Woodsman

Michael Kansky

VP of Marketing, cellist

Antoni Żółciak
Damian Markowski, Project Manager

Project Manager, Psychologist

Damian Markowski

Full Stack Developer, Snowboarder

Mateusz Pęczkowski

Xamarin Developer,
Mobile enthusiast

Przemysław Raciborski

Xamarin Developer,
Football player

Artur Malendowicz

Xamarin Developer,

Tomasz Kłapyta

Xamarin Developer, Hitchhiker

Patrycjusz Błaszczuk

Xamarin Developer

Maksym Krawczyk

Xamarin Developer

Alexander Ropianyi

.NET Developer, Guitarist

Krzysztof Paliga

.NET Developer,
Manga enthusiast

Krzysztof Dudek

.NET Developer, Tie collector

Mariusz Kuberczyk

.NET Developer, avid gamer

Mateusz Chwedczuk

WordPress Developer,
Football Player

Dawid Urbański

UI & Graphic Designer,

Dawid Gołata

UI Designer, Philosopher

Sławomir Kornacki
In'saneLab team In'saneLab team

why us?because we care

Let’s establish a little bit of trust between us.

Our HQ is in Philadelphia.

Our R&D Department – in Krakow.

Our Sales Division? Just finished setting up in Atlanta.

Each of those cities is meaningful to us. Krakow raised us professionally. As the IT capital of Poland, it’s the perfect place to learn, grow, and launch an interactive agency in. Krakow’s rich, multicultural community lets us care for our values in the most precious way we can imagine: by interacting with others.

Philadelphia, on the other hand, allows us to see how far we’ve come. That’s where the core of our business is now.

Then, there’s Atlanta. You know why Atlanta? That’s because we found the best IT sales people there. They proved to be knowledgeable, empathetic, and as customer-oriented as possible.

By the way, since we’re on two continents – we’re available to you 24/7.

Core Values

  • Relationship driven

    Business is done with human beings. We work as a natural extension of your team, not a faceless, outsourced entity.


    Call us anytime and ask about the progress. Write us an email. Fire away on Facebook. We won't tell you that we can do something in less than five minutes just to get you to hire us, and then not deliver. You'll receive real feedback all the way through.


    It’s one thing to be passionate about something - another to turn your passion into something useful. We don’t push for something just because we like it. It’s all about helping you reach your business goals.

  • Loyal

    We don’t leave our clients and our people. It’s understandable that there will be both good and bad times (remember that Led Zeppelin song?), and as long as we maintain clear communication - we’re there for you.

  • Proactive

    We love taking initiative. Participating in various conferences, seminars, webinars, courses - this is something that we do on a daily basis. Also, we do our best to engage both our local and professional communities.

  • Respectful

    Maintaining a great atmosphere is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. It’s not uncommon to lash out when you’re having a bad day, but you know what? We don’t do that. Ever.

  • Lean & Agile

    The revised methodology of lean thinking works for us. We take what’s best about it, put our people first, and then adapt to the tasks that we have on our hands.

  • Grateful

    We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for society, our towns, and the communities surrounding WordPress & web design. That’s why we do our best to give back to the people around us.

In'saneLab team's activities In'saneLab team's activities

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our clientswho we work with

We love lasting relationships – as do our Clients. That’s why the majority of them return to us with more work, more tasks, and new projects for web design and development services. Once we get to know your needs, it’ll be easier for us to work together. We’re proud to say that we come personally recommended to over 80% of our new business.



It’s one thing to start a relationship, another to maintain it properly. We always go the extra mile. It’s not just about ticking checkboxes.

social profilesstay ahead

It’s not about us. Sure, we post company updates from time to time, but most of all we strive to be useful to you. By connecting with us you’ll be opening yourself to hand-picked feeds containing some of the most important and engaging content available.