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Family of Companies

InsaneLab is proud to be partnered with this family of innovative companies. Held together through symbiosis and innovative collaboration, all five brands offer the strength of a unit to our clients and their customers.

How We Work


We exchange knowledge, research, and services, offering stronger and exceptionally cutting edge solutions. Our goal as a team is to continually challenge each other through industry growth and transformation to provide the highest quality and most competitive solutions.

Together as a family we can provide our clients with state of the art services:

Product development & Brand Development

24/7 Omnichannel customer service chat solutions

Lead management & generation software

Innovative Help Desk Software

Web & Mobile Development  & UX/UI Design

Hiring services

Survey kiosks/ Feedback data analytics


Clients Served
Projects Managed

Our Other



LiveHelpNow provides omnichannel support solutions that give teams of any size the tools they need to drive a satisfied customer experience. Customers can communicate through any channel (SMS, email, live chat, or Facebook), while agents manage all messages in one seamless, lightning-fast interface.  From live chat and help desk software to lead management, they produce the top-level customer relationship management.



HelpSquad provides impeccable 24/7 support agents dedicated to increasing leads, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Their team, comprised of highly trained and educated support agents, deliver real-time assistance to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Their clients never miss a lead, their inquiries never go unanswered, and customer service is of the highest quality, and delivered past business hours, at all hours.


ThankYouForCalling provides employers the ability to test agents on their spelling, grammar, and typing skills prior to employment. Have your agents take the challenge to see how they measure up with their peers. This web application provides gamified skill tests in a friendly, inviting, and entertaining environment for future hires. It also includes a scoreboard & ranking system, making it feel more like an arcade game than a skills assessment.



How well do you know your customers? Big Mouth Survey provides state of the art survey kiosks and feedback data analytics for businesses wanting to collect and use feedback data directly from the consumer. Their feedback & data analytics solutions help businesses improve customer experience, market their products/services more effectively, heighten workplace happiness, and bottom line improve profitability. 

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