March 30, 2017 - Meet the Team

Atlanta – our third home!

by Antoni Żółciak
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We’re officially in Atlanta.

After Krakow and Philadelphia, this is the third location for Insane Lab. And, also, the reason to work even harder.

Our HQ remains in Philadelphia, and Krakow continues to be our R&D center. We decided to go with Atlanta not only due to great cityscapes but also because we found the best sales people there.

Rose and Glen, our newest team members, managed to sweep us off our feet with their professional empathy and skills. We’re really lucky to have them on board!

Atlanta is also an inspiring place to grow your startup in. With plenty of companies surrounding us, we hope to learn more along the way.

In turn, that will allow us to further grow our design, web, and mobile development skills.

We’re secretly hoping to meet you there

While we surely are about growing the business and providing the best quality of service possible, we’re also really into giving back.

As a bunch of absolutely normal gals and guys, we hope to take part in a variety of startup and NGO initiatives in Atlanta.

Thank you!

Our growth would not be possible without the help from our partners and clients. We’re humbled that you stayed with us for so long.

What is your challenge?

Tell us with any means provided. We'd love to hear from you!