April 6, 2017 - Mobile Development

XaMarines. Our new brand and the first Xamarin meetup in Krakow, Poland

by Antoni Żółciak
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Things are happening at Insane Lab.

As a company that’s not only about products and services but also about open source software and freedom of code, we decided to put our heads together and organize the first Xamarin Mobile Development Meetup in Krakow, Poland.

If you happen to be in Europe in April (or interested in general), please don’t hesitate to check out:

XaMarines. A series of Xamarin meetups in Poland

We created a new brand – XaMarines – that will hopefully become more recognizable in the future.

While our first meetup didn’t even start yet, we strongly believe that XaMarines will become something that every mobile developer can associate with.

It’s not going to be a commercial brand. It’s something strictly community-oriented and will remain as such until the end of time.

Plus, the name itself sounds cool, don’t you think?

On 21th of April, we will meet in Metaforma Cafe to discuss what Xamarin is, what’s the latest, and how can it be applied across a variety of different projects.

We will talk about various libraries, such as MVVM and MvvmCross. We will take up the challenge of image list optimization. We’ll debate whether UX is everywhere, or if it’s just something that the designers want us to believe (spoiler alert: it’s everywhere).

Also, we will have a distinct pleasure of welcoming an NGO organization to join us at XaMarines. Szkola 3.0 helps children from child care homes to learn how to code through financial backing and mentorship programs. And since XaMarines is mostly about mobile programming…

A platform for everyone

Hopefully, XaMarines will become something that connects mobile developers together. We’d love to succeed in creating a social platform for exchanging ideas, meeting new people, and adapting new technologies to our everyday lives.

Will it work? Maybe. We’re certain about one thing, though: we’ll do our best from an organizer’s point of view.

See you there!

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