August 9, 2023 - Press Releases

Introducing InsaneParking

The public parking industry has been static for decades. With old fashioned ticketing mechanics that cause traffic, and clunky ill-updated monitoring systems that leave wrongfully parked visitors slipping through the cracks often, it’s high time for modernization. This is why we at InsaneLab began to look beyond the red tape of the larger companies to create a better solution. 

The parking industry itself is still in recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, having seen revenues fall 56% lower than they were seeing in 2019.

At InsaneLab our employees have over 30 years in the parking business managing hardware for gates, access control, LPR, as well as developing software for reservations, revenue, access control, geofencing, and more. 

We’ve been approached by parking operators, universities and airports to develop mobile parking apps, monitoring dashboards and integrations to modernize the process & create more effective solutions. 

Institutions like these had previously been working with vendors against a steep transaction percentage per reservation. This without providing the expedient feature & bug fix updates due to their size and scope.

As a consolidated development incubator we are able to not only provide our client branded application suite to manage their parking operations, but our direct turnaround time, clear feature updates, and well-managed discovery resulting in quality tailored systems.

In working to deliver better solutions to our customers, we learned the ins, outs, and struggles of the parking industry and have become intimately familiar with the current trends and problems.


InsaneLab’s touchless parking module features a paid access control solution to gated areas utilizing geofencing that is applied to an array of markets. Access is provided via users smartphone geodata in app and can be controlled using in-lane hardware or entirely via digital geofencing.

This solution is entirely software based, providing an extreme level of accuracy that allows the control of adjacent lanes using nothing but geofence technology. Additionally, it can even locate multiple users in one carpool vehicle for accurate payment processing in various scenarios. 

This means that for parking garages, car washes, gated communities, and more, individuals looking for paid access to a facility are only required to have the mobile app available. No more ticketing or manual payment processing.

All the user would need to do is pull into their desired lane, and our geofence solution will automatically take care of the rest. Access would be provided via mobile device, and you’d be able to identify the exact time of exiting the facility as well, which is particularly helpful with parking enforcement. 

  1. Back-office integration
    Garage management fully integrated and synced with back-office
  2. Inventory based option spots
    Select and sell specific spots within the garage for a different rate. Ex. Self-Parking
  3. Unlimited Amenities
    Allow customer to filter garages by amenities (ex. Handicap accessible, covered parking)
  4. Unlimited Vehicle Types
    Apply multiple vehicle types and price per garage
  5. Business Intelligence & Reports
    Complete insight into your entire business that seamlessly generates reports to help make informed business decisions. Reservations, Revenue, Operations and much more.
  6. 24/7 Customer Support
    Comprehensive 24/7 live chat agent staff to assist customers with their inquiries.
  7. Attendant System Agnostic
    Allows for multiple parking attendant systems to be integrated
  8. iOS/Android/Web Applications
    Customer can access system from platform of choice.
  1. Transient/Monthly Parking
    Provide customers the ability to reserve a spot for the daily commute or on an ongoing monthly basis
  2. Touchless Parking
    Provides the customer the ability to park without needing to interact with any hardware or ticketing, by simply using their mobile device
  3. Carpooling
    Allow to commute and enter the garage in the same car against discounted rates.
  4. Multiple Payment Processors
    Credit Card, PayPal, Stripe, Google/Apple pay etc.
  5. Multilingual User Interface
    Support for a multilingual user interface for the customer throughout the complete booking experience.
  6. Dynamic Pricing
    Event based, Commuter/Early Bird, Promo Codes and 24hr price levels all supported.
  7. Grace Periods
    Set exact grace periods (minutes) where a customer can still arrive/depart without being charged additional fees.
  8. Mobile
    Easy to register even on your mobile device, which allows the customer to save both time and money. Flexible stay options that provide the customer the ability to extend the stay in just a few button clicks.


For those relying on outdated softwares for parking enforcement, this will come as a relief. InsaneLab’s parking enforcement dashboards are created for ease of use and to take out as many steps in the process that can be handled automatically. 

These old enterprises use cameras, printers, and systems that have to be operated manually to confirm whether a vehicle has wrongfully parked or has a valid reservation. With our new solution, those will communicate automatically and visible within our dashboard – all together, creating a seamless experience and increasing the accuracy of catching wrongfully parked vehicles.

The system itself leaves less room for error while streamlining the process for parking enforcers in the field.  

  1. Digital enforcement for your staff
    The Enforcement app suite assists with validating license plates for all parking. On-site staff can efficiently and easily review parking permits from their mobile device.
  2. Activity Logs
    Complete activity log detailing customers trail of activity from the time of placed reservation to garage exit.


Versatility and scalability has been cornerstones in this development. Therefore the complete application suite is very applicable to other industries as well such as gated communities and car washes.

With the ability to track where a car is parked and process the payments through a seamless application for users, it also allows an automated approach to protecting gated communities and managing multiple lanes of cars going through car washes. 

The multipurpose nature of this application suite has allowed us to develop solutions in these industries and cater directly to the needs of these businesses as well. 

The future of parking is effortless, and high functioning for both the customer and the business and employees managing operations. With these new feature sets, we aim to make a huge difference in the industries that can be impacted positively by this technology, as well as their customers. 

Just read what our clients are saying


From the day we engaged Insanelab, they acted as a strategic partner. Before they began asking questions about the platform we wanted, they asked questions about our business so they could fully understand the opportunities our new site would provide. We could not have picked a better partner.

Joe Bedwell
Vice President Core Acquisitions - All Star Auto Lights

InsaneLab developed an entire parking management system, making it seamless for us and our customers to manage and book all of our parking locations across New York.

Lawrence Lipman
CEO - MPG Manhattan Parking Group

As an entrepreneur, you never stop wishing to have a clone that thinks like you. Well, InsaneLab team is that clone and believe it or not, thinks better than you!

Michael Kansky
CEO of HelpSquad and LiveHelpNow

InsaneLab has starting from setting the expectations, to the execution of the final product, demonstrated great communication and product development that far exceeded my expectations.

Andreas Makris
CEO - Big Mouth Survey

The team asked all the right questions, listened to our feedback, and created a seamless transition from our old website. I recommend InsaneLab to anyone who wants to elevate their organization’s online presence.

Joe McKeown
President - McKeown Foundation

We are THRILLED with our new website. InsaneLab is the perfect partner to take on projects that require technical and creative solutions.

Steve Williams
CCO - Skip Beyond Content

The quality of their products speaks for itself. They uphold high standards when it comes to the execution of the product, communication, and meeting deadlines.

Adrian Gamoń
co-founder of Social Frame

They are much more than just a web development company. They understand user behavior and how to maximize conversions.

Graham O'Keeffe
learnaboutgmp - Founder & CEO

We consider InsaneLab to be a reliable partner, and we would recommend them to anyone.

Łukasz Janarek
Kserkop - Vice President of the Board

Extensive knowledge, a wide range of skills, and the right attitude towards the customer? These are the characteristic features of people from Insane Lab.

Michał Brzozowski
Solidbrain - Chairman of the Board

InsaneLab proposed and delivered custom, dedicated solutions that are unique in our industry.

Michał Imiołek
Kancelaria Medius - Chairman of the Board

Our partnership with InsaneLab began 5 years ago. We treat them not so much as a contractor or collaborator in projects but as a reliable technology partner.

Tomasz Pilch
Blurbstudio - co-founder, creative director

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