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There’s a Free Plugin that Lets You Export Photos from Lightroom to WordPress

by Antoni Żółciak
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I’ve been taking photos for the majority of my adult life. Starting out as a 16-year-old, I’ve been using my first DSLR extensively. And boy, did I not understand the concept of RAW pictures then.

Change came a bit later. I liked taking pictures so much, that I decided to turn it into a job. Simultaneously, I wanted to pursue a career associated with writing and creating content. I was lucky enough to get a job at a photography magazine editorial office, where I had an opportunity to do both. And, also, to travel a bit.

Over the years, I had a pleasure of working with various journals and firms, including Digital Camera Poland, Sony, Nikon, or Olympus. I also got to know quite a lot of photographers – lots of whom were using WordPress in one way or another.

Hence the idea for this post.

This free plugin makes your life easier if you’re a photographer

Automaticc released a free plugin that allows Lightroom users to export their photos directly to WordPress. And that’s great, because both solutions are standard within their respective niches.

Lightroom is a go-to solution for photographers who do RAW development (everyone, basically). While it may not be as color-refined as software from Phase One, it’s one of the most intuitive and standard apps for anything photography-related.

WordPress, on the other hand, is the most popular CMS in the world. And it has been for the last several years.


Lightroom and WordPress. Together, they make a great pair

The Lightroom plugin covers all the bases. You can apply the edits, export your image as usual – titles and captions included.

Exporting process may take more time than usual, but when you’re done, all of your media files are available in WordPress library.


As WPTavern points out, there are a couple of similar solutions – but mostly paid ones. Be aware, though: for the Automaticc’s plugin to work, you’ll need either a account, or a Jetpack-powered website. More details on that are available here.

While we ourselves do not use Jetpack, it’s a sufficient all-in-one solution. If you’re looking into more specialized tools including custom ones, give us a shout out.

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