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What? serves global clients such as Merck, Johnson&Johnson, and Baxter.  This project marks our second time working with since we acquired them as a client in 2009.  Once again, the compliance training provider decided to enlist Insane Lab as their design and development partner. And, we couldn’t be more proud of that fact.


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Web Development

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Goals of the Project

  • 01

    100% Redeveloped

    We set out to build the entire website from scratch—not to redo what had already been done several years ago. Most of the subpages were drastically redesigned to meet current trends.

  • 02


    “Keep It Simple, Stupid” was the motto we adopted for this project. wanted to simplify the structure of their website by having every course, article, blog post, and community forum available in one place. This resulted in combining a large number of resources into a single Training Library.

  • 03

    General Maintenance

    It’s important to keep up with a web application’s preventative maintenance. That’s what we aimed to achieve by deleting all of the inactive users, refreshing the databases, and keeping the entire engine running smoothly.

How we've done it

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    Out with the Old, In with the New

    We didn’t use any of the old, existing code for With all the ongoing changes we’ve seen over the last several years, it was high time to ensure stability, speed, and overall optimization of the entire platform.

  • 02


    We continue to implement dedicated safety solutions —after all, we’ve spent almost 10 years with this client.

  • 03

    Power to the Client

    With a built-in custom content builder, we’ve made it possible for’s website administrators to make unlimited changes, expand the site, and modify content as they see fit.

Old website

What we've achieved

  • 01

    No Technical Debt

    Whatever you do, do not think that technical debt is acceptable at any stage of development. The entire website has been redeveloped and redesigned from the ground up—and we did that without any skeletons in the closet. Or overbilling.

  • 02

    Optimized Pricing Based on A/B Testing

    We worked with our client to not only change the code and the design of their application but also to modify the business strategy based on acquired data. We’ve analyzed several types of layouts and clients’ reactions to them, finally deciding on the current design as the optimal solution.

  • 03

    Awwwards Winning Project

    There is absolutely no doubt that is ready for 2019. Just go and take a look!

New website

With the Technology
handpicked for the project

Design & Front—end

With the project, we aimed to showcase their e-learning courses, learning materials, and other services. Not only did we redesign the entire website, but we also prepared the entire engine and WordPress theme from scratch using PHP, Sage 9, and JavaScript (ES6).  Moreover, we took care of the A/B testing to generate constant conversion rate improvements.



By using a custom ACF-based content builder, we have given the administrators the ability to make unlimited changes and expand the website as they please. The entire website uses only 15 lightweight plugins—and the entire theme is translation-ready. Lastly, the custom Ajax training library is seamlessly integrated with the discourse forum topics and posts to include categories, filters, and Ajax Load More.


And they share
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It’s one thing to start a relationship, another to maintain it properly. We always go the extra mile. It’s not just about ticking checkboxes.

Graham O'Keeffe
Graham O'Keeffe
learnaboutgmp - Founder & CEO
They are much more than just a web development company. They understand user behavior and how to maximize conversions.

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