May 1, 2017 - Meet the Team

After XaMarines. How did our first meetup go?

by Antoni Żółciak
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There are a couple of things one can be proud of.

Planting a tree. Building a home. Helping out a friend.

Launching a series of meetups.

Without wanting to sound too boastful, that – we hope – is what we achieved with the first edition of XaMarines.

The group, which at the time of the meetup was just three weeks old, gathered almost 200 professionals interested in mobile development. More than half of them showed up to the event. That speaks for itself: there’s a noticeable need for mobile and Xamarin meetups in Krakow. It was also yet another proof of what we knew already – how amazingly talented Polish developers are.

The place where XaMarines Mobile Development Meetup Krakow took place
XaMarines is not going to be a commercial brand. It’s something strictly community-oriented and will remain as such until the end of time.

What we want to achieve is to create a social platform for exchanging ideas. To build a “place” where every individual interested in #mobdev can meet people similar to himself (or herself).

And you know what?

Looking at the poll results after the initial meetup, we can honestly say that we didn’t do too bad. More than 78 percent of our guests were satisfied with the event. We also received some constructive criticism that will allow us to prepare an even better event in the future.

We’d like to thank everyone who trusted us with their time and came to hear a bit more about Xamarin and this kind of cross-platform approach to mobile app development.

For now, XaMarines will be held exclusively in Polish. Nonetheless, we will be sharing the content in both Polish and English. Mostly you’ll see it on our blog, on Facebook, and on LinkedIn SlideShare.

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