August 15, 2018 - Mobile Development

These 10 Fatal Mistakes Affect Your Mobile App’s Performance

by Antoni Żółciak
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Mobile apps are highly popular right now, and they are creating new and exciting ways for businesses to reach potential consumers. You have probably had a great idea of adding to your marketing arsenal by creating an app for your business. Many start-ups or small businesses don’t always take the right approach to create apps and make mistakes that affect their app’s performance.

To properly develop a mobile app, it takes flexibility and attention to detail. You have to watch for the changing trendsin your industry as well as create an app that is appealing to your audience. Avoiding common mistakes will increase the performance of a mobile app. Here are 10 mistakes that can affect your mobile app’s performance.

Insufficient Testing

With more than 1,000 apps being released daily, the app market can be very competitive. It is important for a business to test their app multiple times before releasing it to the public. A business should strive for the best quality in their app, because it represents the brand. Consumers that have a hard time navigating your mobile app will turn away from the brand altogether. Make sure the app is not consistently failing before releasing it to the public. An app that fails to perform well will not generate a returning audience.

If you want, you can take a sneak peek behind the curtain and check out how we test the apps we develop.

Thinking Of It As a Downsized Web Experience

A mobile app is very different from a website. Not only space on which you display the content is different, but the functionality differs, too.  This is why an app should not be looked at as a downsized web experience. Mobile apps are created to be accessed while on the go. They create a new and enjoyable experience for users by giving them a more customizable and user-friendly experience.

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Focusing on Downloads More Than Retention

Every business wants to see a high number of downloads when they first release an app, but that number doesn’t matter if the user only accesses the app one time. Many failing mobile apps see a large number of downloads, but users do not return to use the app. A successful app will see repeated use. A brand should track data to see where users are leaving and then focus on retention.

Not Making Sufficient Platform Creations

Figuring out the right platform for your app can be a tough decision. iOS is very popular in America, but Android seems to aim higher globally. Think of every possibility and alternative when choosing a platform. It is going to be tempting to reach as many users across multiple platforms at first, but the reality is the app will most likely be modified several times before users even try it out. Figure out what works best on one platform first, and then begin to invest in adding others.

It’s Not Visually Appealing

Users want apps that are visually appealing. The design is extremely important, and it can separate successful apps from unsuccessful ones. Always keep in mind the quality of the user experience when designing an app. A simple design that is free from clutter and that minimizes user input is a great start. There should be consistency throughout the design as well. Consistency eliminates confusion and keeps users on your app for a longer period of time. The design of a mobile app is crucial and should be taken seriously.

Not Creating a Marketing Plan

A breakthrough idea for an app is meaningless without having a marketing plan in place. You should start thinking about how to market this new app long before it hits the app market. Many small businesses and start-ups will make the mistake of investing too much in the development without thinking about how they plan to market the app. Don’t jeopardize your efforts by not creating a marketing plan.

Taking An Easy Route

You probably know by now that taking the easy route is normally not effective. Developing a successful app will take time. A brand should focus on creating the perfect app that provides value to its users. Take the time to gather ideas and find out what will work best for your brand’s app. Creating a mobile app doesn’t happen overnight, but it will pay off big in the future.

Okay, there is one easy route you could take right now. You could

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