Brand Development

Invyzia SaaS Product Development

We partnered with Invyzia to develop a financial management product that takes a client’s financial data and generates a visual proposal of their portfolio incuding future projections and insights. After the product development stage, we partnered once again to kick off a full design & development of Invyzia’s company branding, with web app product as the central focus.



This project began with a MVP (minimum viable product): how can we develop a product that creates & presents financial proposals that are aesthetically pleasing. We then developed a web application that integrates via API towards the financial market in order to pull live stock ticker data. This in return to generate and populate a client proposal. Before the creation of our web app, these financial proposals were 15-20 pages and all text – not the most exciting. It’s easily digestible and very pleasing to view. Next was the full brand creation. Let’s get into it!


Product Development
Branding & Brand Book Development


Web Application




    The development of the web-app began with the pain point of financial reports that were hard to read & digest by Invysia's customers. Creating a web app that takes all that data and creates a visual proposal from it, that was not only easy to take in, but enjoyable, was the challenge.


    Invyzia began with the web application product, so we stepped in to create a brand identity that would establish and elevate the clarity of Invyzia as a product. Our goal was to create a brand that was clean, friendly, and serene.




    The first step is always competitive research. What resources are this industry currently relying on to perform? What is the best platform to develop on that will fit in seamlessly with their workflow? What bottlenecks are they running into and how can we develop functionality that elucidates this?


    Design and functionality go hand in hand. Developing the interface defines how the product is used, and how effective it ends up being for clients. With our competitive research, we identified the key workflows that would provide a seamless experience.


    Not only do we want the workflow to be seamless, but we want every bit of functionality to be easily accessible and identifiable. It is crucial that all elements of the UI is accessible as applicable at the click of a mouse, and easy to locate within the app. This increases user retention and satisfaction.




    We focus on the why. To clearly define a brand, we identify the key pain points that we alleviate and centralize our branding. Those pain points become tied into our brand's central values - and those values are how we define our marketing.


    Design is one of the most identifiable parts of a business or brand. Developing a brand identity and design that are cohesive and immediately recognizable is always a primary focus. The colors, the visual identity, how the logo represents the values of the brand are all connected.


    Our team accomplishes a large variety of different tasks. We created a subscription based model SaaS to use the Invyzia tool, created the brand book, branding, the logotype, and more. It is our goal to be as integral to a product's launch as possible, and to assist as a team in developing a complete and exhaustive brand creation.



The Details


Invyzia illustrations organizes all of the most important information front and center. Financial Advisors can quickly show their clients how they are allocated today, creates projections on what they could look like in the future. This app is capable of:

  • Creates proposals using model portfolios in seconds
  • “Here to There” Portfolio Mapping all on one page
  • Customizable options for organizing the visual data
  • Output in customized color schemes for Branding
  • Outputs to a .pdf or .xlsx format

We created Portfolio mapping that clients can understand best.



  1. Increased Traffic

    There has been a consistent gain of traffic on a continuous basis on the website, and positive attitudes and excitement all around for the product's ease and effectiveness.

  2. Growing Customer Base

    There has already been a great amount of attention within the Financial Management industry and the Nation to the product and their customer base is growing at a steady rate.

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From the day we engaged Insanelab, they acted as a strategic partner. Before they began asking questions about the platform we wanted, they asked questions about our business so they could fully understand the opportunities our new site would provide. We could not have picked a better partner.

Joe Bedwell
Vice President Core Acquisitions - All Star Auto Lights

InsaneLab developed an entire parking management system, making it seamless for us and our customers to manage and book all of our parking locations across New York.

Lawrence Lipman
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As an entrepreneur, you never stop wishing to have a clone that thinks like you. Well, InsaneLab team is that clone and believe it or not, thinks better than you!

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InsaneLab has starting from setting the expectations, to the execution of the final product, demonstrated great communication and product development that far exceeded my expectations.

Andreas Makris
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The team asked all the right questions, listened to our feedback, and created a seamless transition from our old website. I recommend InsaneLab to anyone who wants to elevate their organization’s online presence.

Joe McKeown
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We are THRILLED with our new website. InsaneLab is the perfect partner to take on projects that require technical and creative solutions.

Steve Williams
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The quality of their products speaks for itself. They uphold high standards when it comes to the execution of the product, communication, and meeting deadlines.

Adrian Gamoń
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They are much more than just a web development company. They understand user behavior and how to maximize conversions.

Graham O'Keeffe
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We consider InsaneLab to be a reliable partner, and we would recommend them to anyone.

Łukasz Janarek
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Extensive knowledge, a wide range of skills, and the right attitude towards the customer? These are the characteristic features of people from Insane Lab.

Michał Brzozowski
Solidbrain - Chairman of the Board

InsaneLab proposed and delivered custom, dedicated solutions that are unique in our industry.

Michał Imiołek
Kancelaria Medius - Chairman of the Board

Our partnership with InsaneLab began 5 years ago. We treat them not so much as a contractor or collaborator in projects but as a reliable technology partner.

Tomasz Pilch
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