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We met BlurbStudio while were collaborating on a big project, where they were responsible for branding, and we were in charge of the digital space. From the very beginning, we formed a great partnership. Our teams meshed seamlessly and communicated effectively.

Soon after completing the project, we received a call from Blurb’s Creative Director, Tomek Pilch. “We’re looking for a technology partner that understands design like we do,” said Pilch. For us, it was a no-brainer. We never looked back. During the next few years, we worked closely on many different projects for BlurbStudio’s clients. We supported the company not only technically, but also by giving consultations on the products BlurbStudio was releasing to the world.



Long term Partnerships

Because of our values and principles, we strive to build lasting relationships with our partners. Why? Long-term partnerships have many advantages and eliminate business obstacles. Strong relationships speed up processes, eliminate unnecessary formalities, and shorten procedures. And, last but not least, it is always a pleasure to work with people you trust!

Custom Wordpress Mosaic

For a long time, BlurbStudio based its online presence on a simple landing page. They were using a splash site as their digital business card.  Once they partnered with us, we began working as an extension of their team. As a result, we quickly developed a drive to improve their brand’s appearance. Not to mention, we were also the only ones that could handle their requirements and expectations.

On BlurbStudio’s new site we chose to represent their achievements as case studies. We also added more images and videos. The most challenging part was to fully customize every module of the web page. To achieve this, we came up with a custom masonry grid, enabling site administrators to modify the site in a variety of ways. They can now change the color, the fonts, add media, or even change the background. We have delivered a product that allows the company to create every page like a mosaic, without layout limitations. The resulting site is also compatible with mobile devices.

And they share
about their experience:

It’s one thing to start a relationship, another to maintain it properly. We always go the extra mile. It’s not just about ticking checkboxes.

Tomasz Pilch
Tomasz Pilch
Blurbstudio - co-founder, creative director
Our partnership with In'saneLab began 5 years ago. We treat them not so much as a contractor or collaborator in projects but as a reliable technology partner.

We are good atPartnerships

Based on our values and principles we build long term relationships. Why? Partnership offers many advantages and eliminates business obstacles. Long term relationships help improve processes, eliminate unnecessary formalities, and shorten procedures. And, last but not least, it is a pleasure to work with people you know!

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    We Can Keep It Quiet

    We understand and respect that our clients may want to keep some collaborations confidential.

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    Information Security

    Our clients’ data security is of the utmost importance to us. Our Non-Disclosure agreement guarantees the strictest confidence and can be modified to suit each client’s needs. Our clients also have the option to provide their own privacy agreements if they so choose.


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    Dedicated Project Manager

    A personal project manager is responsible for completing the project within the set timeframe. The benefits of having access to a project manager include the reassurance that comes with constant communication, detailed updates on all developments via regular reports, and as-needed technical consultations with the In’saneLab team members.

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    Custom Solutions

    We rise to meet our clients’ needs regardless of their requirements or expectations. Following technical evaluation, we can recommend the most practical solutions, libraries, and plugins available. Our experienced team members will cover every possible aspect of each project.

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    Time & Cost Optimization

    With a project manager watching over the implementation, we can eliminate unnecessary operations and time-consuming procedures. We will provide an efficient flow of information, reduce the time it takes to make decisions, and meet project deadlines.

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    All About Your Convenience

    Stability, security, and responsibility are among our most respected values. Fair estimates, good profit margin, flexibility, and custom tools and designs all make us stand out above competition.


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