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We love technology, and we believe in people. We’re most gratified when our knowledge, skills, and experience make a contribution to a better world. That’s why we truly enjoyed working cooperatively with Clients that work in the NGO sector always yield fruit that’s both purposeful and rewarding. 


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Goals of the Project

  • 01

    Make the Website Dynamic

    The best way to make a website stand out? Liven it up with motion content, moving designs, and animations. And, that’s just what we did with

  • 02

    KultureCity Stands for Accessibility

    And its web design should, too. When we built KultureCity’s website we felt it was important to keep the people the foundation benefits in mind. So, we set out to make the site user-friendly (i.e. accessible and easy to navigate).

  • 03

    Promote Autism Awareness

    People with autism look like the rest of us but perceive the world differently. We took this into account, ensuring that the autistic community and its supporters are showcased in an accessible, yet engaging way. 

How we've done it

  • 01

    Stellar Front-End

    Based on coding best practices, we created a website that’s rich in animations and runs smoothly on all devices. 

  • 02

    Proper Interaction

    Our aim was to draw as much attention as possible to the content.  Scroll and hover features make the website come to life. 

  • 03

    Design That Simply Works

    We made a complicated website simple. It’s one thing to create a stunning design, but another to make it usable. With multiple moving elements, the UX had to be top notch. We kept the users in mind to ensure success. 


Old website

What we've achieved

  • 01

    Attention-Grabbing Design

    By combining motion and design with meaningful content, we managed to create one of the most original and informative websites on the web. But don’t take our word for it—check it out live!

  • 02

    Easier Way to Donate

    For KultureCity, we made receiving donations easier than ever. Visitors can simply visit a subpage and donate by giving once or scheduling a recurring monthly donation. In addition, they can also cover the transaction fees through PayPal, by check, or by giving the organization stock.

  • 03

    Immense Satisfaction

    As we developed this website, we felt included in the crusade to support a worthy cause. We took satisfaction in knowing that we were able to help those that need it most.

New website

With the Technology
handpicked for the project

Front - End

We enjoyed every minute of crafting the perfect website for this deserving NGO. We created the entire KultureCity design from scratch for both the desktop and the mobile applications. This process required countless hours of creative brainstorming, testing, reviewing, editing, and researching until we found the most on-point solutions. 

We implemented a custom theme based on Foundation ZURB. Because we chose that framework, we were able to present the content in distinctively separate sections. We used CSS3 to make the animations, while also creating a fast, clean, and simple user experience.


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