August 29, 2017 - Mobile Development

XaMarines meetup receives support from Sii and Aon

by Antoni Żółciak
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While setting up our 4th meetup, we’re glad to announce that we started receiving support from two invaluable parties: Sii Krakow and Aon Krakow.

So far, this year has been good for us. First, we continue to work with our amazing clients and getting in touch with potential new ones. Second, we opened an office in Atlanta, USA. Third, we launched a new local brand and a series of Xamarin meetups in Krakow, Poland.

XaMarines won’t ever be a commercial brand. It’s strictly community-oriented and will remain as such. We didn’t have much experience while organizing the first meetup but – it turns out – it wasn’t so bad. Over a 100 people showed up, each of them interested in mobile development, and more than 78 percent of our guests were content with the event. Now, our group gathered over 260 professionals. That’s huge for us, and we’re thankful for each and every one of the people who joined.

Sii Krakow and Aon Krakow are now supporting XaMarines

Those two amazing companies decided to support our efforts and become sponsors of XaMarines meetup. Now, XaMarines is funded by three companies: Sii Krakow, Aon Krakow, and Insane Lab. Such an amount of resources will allow us to move forward quickly. We hope we’ll be able to take XaMarines to the next level soon.

Our next meetup? Get ready for October 2017

On 26th October 2017, we’ll be meeting again! You can find more details at or on the Meetup page.

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