You're awesome.

And since you’re awesome, we’ll put you first. We always put our team first. Whether you’re just starting in the business, or already have 20+ years of experience, we’re certain that you’ll find an offer suitable to your needs.

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why us?because we care

Let’s establish a little bit of trust between us.

Our HQ is in Philadelphia.

Our R&D Department – in Krakow.

Our Sales Division? Just finished setting up in Atlanta.

Each of those cities is meaningful to us. Krakow raised us professionally. As the IT capital of Poland, it’s the perfect place to learn, grow, and launch an interactive agency in. Krakow’s rich, multicultural community lets us care for our values in the most precious way we can imagine: by interacting with others.

Philadelphia, on the other hand, allows us to see how far we’ve come. That’s where the core of our business is now.

Then, there’s Atlanta. You know why Atlanta? That’s because we found the best IT sales people there. They proved to be knowledgeable, empathetic, and as customer-oriented as possible.

By the way, since we’re on two continents – we’re available to you 24/7.

Core Values


    Business is done with human beings. We work as a natural extension of your team, not a faceless, outsourced entity.


    Call us anytime and ask about the progress. Write us an email. Fire away on Facebook. We won't tell you that we can do something in less than five minutes just to get you to hire us, and then not deliver. You'll receive real feedback all the way through.


    It's one thing to be passionate about something - another to turn your passion into something useful. We don’t push for something simply because we like it. It’s all about helping our people grow and learn - because only then we can serve our Clients in the best way possible.


    We don’t leave our clients and our people. It’s understandable that there will be both good and bad times (remember that Led Zeppelin song?), and as long as we maintain clear communication - we’re there for you.


    We love taking initiative. Participating in various conferences, seminars, webinars, courses - this is something that we do on a daily basis. Also, we do our best to engage both our local and professional communities.


    Maintaining a great atmosphere is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. It's not uncommon to lash out when you're having a bad day, but you know what? We don't do that. Ever.


    The revised methodology of lean thinking works for us. We take what's best about it, put our people first, and then adapt to the tasks that we have on our hands.


    We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for society, our towns, and the communities surrounding WordPress & web design. That’s why we do our best to give back to the people around us.

n'saneLab team In'saneLab team

we DO CARE ABOUT OUR PEOPLEHere’s the proof

We know that you want more than just money. That’s why we offer you a variety of additional benefits such as a private health care, whatever equipment you wish, flexible working hours, and more.


  • Work on what you want

    Sometimes we might need something from you, but the majority of the time it's you who will choose the projects you'll work on.

  • We've got an office in the central part of Krakow

    Want to go for a walk? Sure thing. Bring your dog with you? As long as he won't bite someone's hand off. Take a stroll on Karmelicka street? Be our guest.

  • Grow with us

    We all aim to become better - and hope that you'll join us in this journey. There's no room for stagnation here. Each week, we're gathering up together and providing each other with constructive feedback (while the table is stacked with food).

  • We take care of your back

    We believe that if you'll be sitting on something for several hours per day, it should guarantee your health. That's why we invested in top-notch, ergonomic office equipment.

  • You get your own MacBook

    And whatever other equipment you may need for the job.

  • Private health care

    Because our tax alone is not enough to heal the public health system.

  • Multisport cards

    Go and join any sports center you want, for free.

  • Want to work remotely?

    Choose your day, any day, and work remotely. We know that sometimes you just don't want to get up.

  • Start at the hours you choose

    Want to begin at 8AM? Or maybe 10AM?

  • Team building

    Lunches, dinners, and lots of other team building activities.

  • Paid leave

    It doesn't matter what you do and what kind of deal we have in place. Go ahead and rest. We'll take care of the business.

  • Chillout room

    PlayStation 4 is a must.

  • Fruits, drinks, snacks, and more

    Take a look inside our kitchen and eat all you can eat. Just watch out for your health.

  • Community days

    Together, we'll be working on creating and maintaining the WordPress community in Krakow. If you wish, you can also take care of an NGO project of your choice - during the usual working hours, one day per month.

  • Local and internal tech events

    We believe that growing, being proactive, and participating in various events makes you a better person overall.

In'saneLab team's activities In'saneLab team's activities

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open positionsjoin us

We’re always interested in web and mobile development talents, so feel free to reach out to us.

  • ASP.NET Developer
    Kraków, Poland

    @Html.TextAreaFor(m => m.JobOffer),

    What are the differences between the 1.0 release of the .NET Framework and the ASP.NET technology? Who’s Scott Guthrie and at which conference did he wear a red polo shirt?

    No, you don’t have to know the answer. We don’t need theoretical knowledge. Our priority is someone with vast, practical skills that can be applied to a variety of commercial projects.

    We’re also looking for someone fun, whether for the office or remotely. We like to have fun while we work. We also believe that maintaining a positive atmosphere within the company is crucial.

    • contract of employment, commission contract or B2B agreement,
    • Business Class Notebook with an external monitor;
    • 2000 PLN a year for the courses and workshops of your choosing,
    • private health care,
    • MultiSport benefits,
    • challenging projects, enough time to create a great software, and lots of opportunities,
    • freedom and responsibility,
    • an office in the heart of Krakow,
    • you can start working anytime between 8 AM and 10 AM,
    • one day per week, you can work remotely,
    • paid leave – and it doesn’t matter what kind of contract you’ll sign, we want you to rest,
    • lots of team building activities, dinners, lunches,
    • free snacks and fruits at the office, great coffee included.
    • an in-depth knowledge of .NET Framework 4.0/4.5 and ASP.NET MVC 4+,
    • good understanding of HTML 5 / CSS 3, JavaScript (including JS debugging),
    • fluent usage of Visual Studio 2013+ (with ReSharper), TFS,
    • MS SQL Server 2012+ development,
    • a can-do attitude paired with self-reliance,
    • to be a team player,
    • further education and motivation to become even better.
    • have some experience with RESTful / SOAP APIs,
    • and worked with agile methodologies

    Oh, and you can work remotely – but didn’t we mention that already?

    Contact: careers@insanelab.com or +48 500 631 559

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