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We love technology, and we believe in people. We’re most gratified when our knowledge, skills, and experience make a contribution to a better world. Working cooperatively with the NGO sector always yields fruit that’s far more purposeful than we can imagine.


KultureCity is an American non-profit organization supporting autistic children and their families. The list of ambassadors of this particular NGO includes famous celebrities from television, sports, and music.


From the end of 2014 to 2015 we were responsible for KultureCity’s entire rebranding process. Looking back, we’re proud to say that we contributed to a better world – a world where “every heart has a voice”. The new logo, website and BTL materials that we produced became an essential part of KultureCity’s identity.
Their website was an another part of our project. It couldn’t be like any other NGO’s website, though. Our aim was to present the nature and purpose of the foundation’s activities so effortlessly that even after a short time on-site you’d know exactly what you’re looking at. We used a new layout, design, front-end and back-end programming to introduce a fresh look to the charitable project’s communication. The result? Visually attractive and accessible pages hold the attention of users while reducing bounce rates.

rebranding.NOW, YOU CAN TOUCH IT

KultureCity trusted us with a total refresh of their brand. Complete brand guidelines were created to support the coherence of their message across all future applications.

We took meticulous care creating custom business cards – overseeing their design, production, and logistics. The result? Koshered cotton paper, colored edges, and their logo hot-stamped on the back. With attention to both visual look and tactile feel, these cards emphasized the characteristics of sensory integration therapy.

KultureCity's logo transformation
KultureCity's branbook
KultureCity's branbook
KultureCity's businesscards


Lo-fi mockups and a hi-fi design. These were our tools that helped introduce the new face of KultureCity.

The custom website is attractive, accessible, and informative – as a result, we managed to keep users’ attention on its pages. Increasing the conversion rate was also something that we kept in mind at every stage of the process. Using a range of dedicated solutions, including a calendar widget synchronized with social media and grants modules, we increased the efficacy of communications, raised their social capital and increased overall user involvement.

KultureCity's UX mockups
KultureCity's website screens
KultureCity's website screens
KultureCity's website interactions' animations
KultureCity's website screens on iPhone and iPad

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